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"What matters is how much you can get hit and keep moving forward"

Rocky Balboa


January 2020: Poster presentation at Mineral Deposit Study Group Meeting, London (UK) - by Adam Eskdale.

August 2019: Tomography collection at TOMCAt bemline, SLS, Paul Scherrer Institut (CH).

May 2019:
Talk presentation at 3rd International Critical Metals Conference, Edinburgh, UK.

April 2019:
Poster presentation at EGU 2019, Vienna, Austria

March 2019: Reid Ph.D. scholarship awarded to sponsored candidate Mr. Adam Eskdale (started Sep. 2019)

December 2018:
Started collaboration with Dr. Nico Walte for deformation experiments of 'Silicates plus FeS' systems.

    Past events:

April 2018: Poster presentation at EGU 2018, Vienna, Austria [ link ]

January 2018: Poster presentation at MDSG meeting 2018, (first author: Mr. Juergen Lang - iCRAG, Ph.D. candidate), Brighton, UK

December 2017: Poster presentation at AGU Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans, USA

November 2017: Invited seminar at Birkbeck University, London, UK

August 2017: Poster presentation at Goldschmidt conference 2017 (first author: Mr. Juergen Lang - iCRAG, Ph.D. candidate), Paris, France

April 2017: Oral Presentation at EGU 2017 - highlighted. Vienna, Austria

January 2017:
Started teaching at RHUL, "Mineral Resources" course

September 2016: Started a new employment by the Earth Science Dept. of Royal Holloway University (UK).                                                                                                                           My task will be to develop projects and teaching in the 'Mineral Resources' area. [link]

June 2016:
Presentation at EMPG XV (Zurich)

October 2015
:   Inivited Seminar at National History Museum - London, UK         NHM London

Thin section and rocks webpage:   Dedicated webpage with images in PPL and XPL of igneous and metamorphic rocks thin sections.
                                                            links:   Thin sections      Rocks         (right click and 'view image' to get a high res. picture)