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- Periodic Table
- Perplex
- Melts
- Earthjobs
- INGV (National Institute for Geophysic and Volcanology - Italy)
- IMP Zurich
Friends and collegues:

- Gregor Golabek
- Prof. Max Schmidt
- PD Dr. Nikolai Bagdassarov
- Prof. James Connolly
- Prof. Peter Ulmer
- Dr. Hannes Mattson
- Prof. Stefano Poli
- Paola Ardia
- Dr. Etienne Médard
- Prof. Wim van Westrenen
- Claudio Madonna
- Prof. Taras Gerya
- Prof. Alan J. Anderson

Useful tools:

- Image tool (digital images analizer)
- Nvu (web-page editor)
- Filezilla (ftp-client)
- Mozzilla
- LaTeX
- LeoDictionary (translate in many languages to German and vice-versa)
- Looking for synonyms?

Nice Links:

- Solferino (an italian village, and my family name)
- How really big are planets and stars?
- My rocks and minerals collection - small tour
- Marnate e Nizzolina, un po' di storia (Italian only)
- Vocabolario del dialetto milanese (Italian only)
- Wikipedia-lumbard (Western-lombardy dialect only)
- About Milan (touristic infos, monuments, etc.)
- European Storm Forecast Experiment

My stuff:

- Cabot Trail, an adventure:    GrandFalaiseBeach

- Snow storm 20. Nov. 2010: snowstorm

- High tide rising at Parrsboro (NS, Canada):     hightide1    hightide2    ice-dancing-on-water    compressed-video-3-in-1(18Mb)

- Ice forming over sea water at Louisburg (NS, Canada):     ice-on-water

- Snow blizzard in Antigonish (NS, Canada):     blizzard

- Blizzard 90-100 km/h (Antigonish, NS, Canada):     video-1 (70Mb)    video-2 (84Mb)    video-3 (194Mb)    video-4 (28Mb)     compressed-video-4-in-1 (33Mb)

- Thunder storm  1. June 2011 (Antigonish, Canada): thunderstorm (I do not own the copyright for the song played in the video)

- Blizzard 20-21 February 2012 (Antigonish, Canada):  blizzard_Feb2012  
(I do not own the copyright for the song played in the video)