lava flow on Etna, September 2004 - Italy, Sicily      

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'nanos gigantum humeris insidentes'
Latin metaphor

standing on the shoulders of giants
Field Modules:

March 2019: Elba (Italy, Tuscany)


May 2017, 2018: Lake District (UK) undergraduate students mappers supervision

Lake District

December 2016, 2017, and 2018: Cyprus
Chromite - Troodos Cyprus

September 2016, 2017, and 2018: Scotland and Lake District (UK)
Scotland andalusite - Skiddaw

March 2016: Isle of Mull (Scotland)
Mull Mull

May 2016: Connemara (Ireland)
connemara connemara

Field works

19-22 July 1999: MONTE MUCRONE

Field work in the area of ‘Monte Mucrone – Monte Rosso’, Oropa, Biella, Piemonte, Italy.
Geological setting: Austroalpine basement of central Sesia-Lanzo Zone.
Advisors: Prof. Guido Gosso, Prof. Maria Iole Spalla and Dr. Michele Zucali.
A 1:5’000 geological-structural map of the area and a geological report including a possible
reconstruction of the metamorphic history of the area was realised.

lago di monte Mucrone    monte mucrone


04-15 September 2000: ERESSOS

Field work in the area of ‘Skala Eressos’, Eressos, Lesvos island, Greece.
Geological setting: Volcanic and intrusive succession of the oligo-miocenic eruptive cycles of Eressos area.
Advisor: Dr. Gianluca Groppelli.
A 1:5’000 geological-structural map of the area and a geological report including a reconstruction
of the eruptive cycle was made.

me close to a dike    an intrusive dome


01-30 June 2001 - 10-11 October 2001: BERBENNO-TRIANGIA

Field work in the area of ‘Berbenno-Triangia’, Berbenno, Sondrio, Lombardia, Italy.
Austroalpine basement of Retic Alps.
Students: Fabio Colpani and Giulio Solferino.
Advisor: Prof. Attilio Boriani.
A detailed 1:10’000 geological-structural map of an area of about 12 kmq and a detailed geological report
including a possible reconstruction of the metamorphic and intrusive history of the area was realized.

deformation in marble    close up of the metagranite of Rolla Mount

Alpe Caldenno valley    giant erratic rock
                                                                                                         Can you see me in this pic? I am standing in front of the erratic
                                                                                                         rock, slightly on the right of the center. The rock is about 25 m
                                                                                                         large. Click on the image for a higher resolution view.

Field trip

19-30 September 2004

Field trip to the 'Italian volcanoes', organized by the Institute for Mineralogy and Petrology of ETH Zürich.
Responsibles: Prof. Peter Ulmer, Prof. Volker Dietrich.
We visited all active italian volcanoes (Vesuvius, Stromboli, Vulcano and Etna) and the island of Lipari.
By a matter of luck, during our visit to Etna mount, a lava flow, at about 3000 m a.s.l., was active, and,
due to its small size, it was possible to step just a few meters aside from the actual flow. You can see a picture
of the flow at the top of the page.

dawn at Stromboli    on the flow